Essay on archiving

"You can't grasp your legacy when alive, and it makes no difference in death. What if I leave behind no record? What if I let every day vanish? If I don't archive anything, am I free to change?"

Tavi is going to really enjoy university if she goes. She's certainly got the mind and communications skills to dig really deep into our culture - and will have that mind past university, past whatever she chooses to do. She doesn't just posses intelligence: she exercises it out loud. I can't wait for her essays in 15 years' time.

Is that weird? I feel like, lurking on her blog for so long, we've all watched her grow up and now we're watching her internal growth spin out these introspective, abstract, rambling gems pulled from all over. In some senses they're just derivative, but 'just' in the way almost all human thought has been throughout our history. Montaigne and Benjamin and Kierkegard would especially approve, and my own connection there to them (they are my favourites; I started reading her blog in 2008, during FYP,) serves only to illustrate that I'm on my own derivative pathway, documenting my thoughts not nearly so well.