Internship: Making up with Dalet

So I've got a confession to make: I've been a brat. To be fair, Dalet started it!

Dalet is the CBC's audio editing software. It's slow, and stupid, and much less sophisticated than audition or hindenburg or pretty much anything. I'm convinced it just wasn't designed for human use. I have better editing software on my phone.

And that's been the basis of my attitude towards it. After the first week or two when it was still fun to sort through my notes on what Mark taught us, I 've used it as little as possible. My demeanor towards it had deteriorated to a scowling, unpleasant denial that it could ever be useful for more than brute editing.

Of course, as so often happens, it's not Dalet, it's me.

We didn't break up for long, though. We went through a marriage counseling session with my lovely producer, and now we get on much better. I've learned to pay more attention to it's needs, to really look at what the sound is telling me. I was shown how to get the crossfades to work properly, how to zoom in enough to actually see what I'm doing. Dalet, for his part, stopped looking like pac-man pixels and promised to make more sense.

The end product, my baby if we're really going to take this metaphor that far, is a soundscape that doesn't sound choppy, one that I didn't have to pre-edit at home before bringing in the sound. It's a miracle!

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