Internship day 1

Whoooooooooo CBC! I don't know why I'm writing this, I should probably be asleep and preparing my tired brain for tomorrow. Last night's bizarro stress dreams didn't help much. I mean, really. Not the night before my do-this-to-graduate-and-become-a-real-journalist internship started. I did not need to dream about the craggiest mountaintop ever, ice storms, and watching friends around me try to climb and slide down into this awful abyss and have half their brains fall out. It was always the right part, all grey and intact. In the dream this was both terrifying and hilarious.

I can't believe I still remember that.

It wasn't even a terribly exciting day, except that I spent the whole day (9-6) at the CBC. For work. I'm exhausted and trying to get myself pumped up and organized for the next month, so I can really nail this internship and get a lot out of it. That's what coffee's for, right? Keeping me going, fuelling story ideas, forbidding the yawns... Does anyone else have that issue where they tear up as they yawn? I really hope our supervisor didn't think I was getting emotional about audio editing software.

There's so much to do and I don't have my feet on the ground yet. We've got two days of training before we really hit the ground running on Wednesday, eek that morning's going to be so much more nerve wracking than today was. I'll have to actually do work on a show that's out there in the real world. It's not just a school project anymore.