Internship: Boredom & Cato

I really dislike being bored. Like, really, really, really hate it. So the last week's been a little annoying. We had an extra body on the show, and with more cuts announcements and the fact that everything is scheduled so far in advance (OK, a few weeks - which is eons in journalism time, isn't it?) there wasn't a lot of extra work, and no one was really in the mindspace for me to be bugging them about what I could do. It doesn't help that I am at a desk in Siberia, and it takes a good five minutes to walk over to our show's zone. (Maybe not five - I should time that, actually. Accuracy, right?)

So I put my head down and did streeters, streeters, and more streeters. And read old scripts to get a feel for things, and looked for back-up people to come in and talk on the show... and did more streeters.

I'm not a huge fan of them, and someone actually said to me as I approached them, mic in hand, "you look like someone gearing up to do something you'd really rather not do." Good icebreaker, random person. Made life a little easier.

Some of the streeters were fun though - I got to spend while  hanging outside a school with a bunch of tweens talking about the Hunger Games. A sample: everything from "OMG Cato is soooooooo hot he's the background on my computer!" To, "well, you watch any documentary on like the war in Bosnia for example, and the violence depicted is going to be much more graphic." 13 year old girls are amazing. It helped that they thought I was the coolest thing ever because they were going to be ON THE RADIO (huge gasps and whoas and big blinky eyes here,) but I could still discuss the castings and whether the actor playing Peeta was too muscly for the part. (Yes, I am a huge geek.)

That was the most fun assignment of the week. Make of that what you will.

The worst bit of this week was having to re-edit a 47 minute interview with 4 teenagers down to 1:37. Again. Don't even ask, I'm so mad at myself for getting that much tape. It seemed like it was going so well at the time! I looked at my recorder and we were at 21 minutes (with about the first 15 being useless - it takes a while to get teens to open up, especially when the Principal is sitting behind them.) I tried to stop, but they were saying interesting things so... the next time I looked down we were at 46 minutes. Ugh.

At least the topic was great? "Should kids be using cell phones in school" -- the kids said ban it. Which was interesting. I just got a new phone, a Galaxy google-phone, so there were a few good cracks about how I was clearly the right person for the story, being a fancy-phone newbie. (Side note: it is the best thing ever, I'm completely obsessed. Also Google's control of my life is now complete: all I need are those creepy Google Glasses and I'd be a G+ Android...)

But on the bright side I must be doing something right! Our host just came by and commented, "wow, you've gotten a lot done this week. I hope you're getting something out of it? Thanks."

That makes everything really, really, really worth it. Glad I'm not hanging out in Siberia for nothing.

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