End of the internship

So that miracle from last week? Got picked up by two other shows. Well, one picked it up and another's interviewing the guy again for a slightly different format. Still. I'm such a proud momma.
I'm also really proud this week because I'm doing a piece for syndication. Whoo!
In other learning-experiences, apparently lately I've been good on editing streeters but not good enough on getting peoples' names. It's a smack myself on the head kind of thing. If only I'd gotten random person x's name! I should've learned this two weeks ago (/ages ago) when I had to find a teacher I'd talked to out on the street so we could use her clip - using only the fact that she taught grade three, coached grade 5&6 badminton, and was at a private school. Thank god there aren't many private schools in Halifax and her school's secretary was a sweetheart. Oh well. It worked out on both the streeters where we ended up going back and isolating people.
I complain about all these streeters, but I have to say it's made me a much faster, better editor. I'm much more ruthless about cutting out the useless anecdotes and cute bits. I hate letting people I've talked to/ambushed/interviewed down, which is a dangerous feeling that I should probably let go of. People-pleasing and journalism don't mix very well, unless you're talking with bosses.
Which... anyone else starting to see real jobs in the future and getting mildly freaked? I'm not entirely sure I'm ready for the real world. Empirically, all signs point to me being a Real Adult ready for Real Jobs but it sure doesn't feel that way. Maybe I'll just go shine my resume up a bit more. Just a bit. Then I should make a plan, right? Then chart out options. Pro/Con lists. Potential cities, fields of work, emerging markets and jobs. You know, research. It'll just take me, uh, a while. Then I'll start applying for real things.

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