old old fashioned

So now that school is (somewhat) over, I decided to expand a little etsy shop I opened back in January to try and sell off some of my old vintage. Really it's just that my closet is bursting - my boyfriend tried to get me to stick to the 'one thing out, one thing in' rule but I lasted maybe two days until I met a gentleman who hosted an amazing (and cheap!) vintage sale around school and I couldn't resist this amazing Kelly green wool dress... oops. (It didn't fit anyway, unfortunately, so it got sold.) Living two blocks from a great Salvation Army with a student discount doesn't help at all.

I'll warn you now that I'm not a very good hustler - I'm just terrible at selling, I'm too shy. This Christmas I helped my mum at her job in a chocolate shop and while she stood there booming away at people and cracking jokes and laughing (she organized an Easter egg hunt today for the kids in the neighbourhood around her shop), I was in the corner making boxes. I had to be sure all my bows were perfectly identical and all my chocolates were arranged in aesthetically nice ways... Mum's a playwrite/radio doc/book writer and went to the same Journalism school I'm at now, but we have very, very different approaches. She can get people talking, whereas I like dealing in pure information - pulling through financial statements? Government accounts? Parsing research? SO much fun.

With that in mind, I'm not going to try to take this too seriously - I'm not going to dump a tonne of stuff on etsy, I'm only going to put in the really gorgeous things that I know can be sold without much more effort than taking decent pictures and writing decent copy.

Everything else is going to Stepping Stones, and I already sell some of the more contemporary stuff at a great little consignment shop in Hali called Put Me On.

I'd love it if y'all stopped by to take a look! Use the code SPRINGING if you want 20% off.