How can I live in your world of ideas?

A few weeks ago I scribbled this out:

In a perfect coincidence, the winter boots I ordered came yesterday afternoon, and were immediately accompanied by our first snow! It was greyish all day, and once the bf got home we decided to head to the diner up the street for burgers and comfort food, me bouncing along in my new boots, of course. Literally the instant we stepped outside it started snowing; light, fluffy, wet snow-ball snow, not the sad dry stuff.

Waking up this morning to a slushy, melty layer about 10 centimetres deep was glorious, and I cannot wait to walk over to the cafe and school, slushing around, feet warm and happy. I already have an old pair of thick green rugby socks on in anticipation - they're my friend Alex's from a swap a few years a go. She thought I was a little crazy to take them, being that they were her old utilitarian over-shin-guard-type sport socks, and honestly they've been sitting useless in my closet for three years waiting for tall boots to wear with them. Now the wait is over! For snow, for boots, for using old nubby socks!

Honestly I've been looking for these boots since high school (ages a go), and finding them with the sole I'd wanted (rubber, for durability and anti-klutz properties) in the fabric and shaft height I'd wanted (tall, tall black suede) at only 5$ over the price I'd wanted (50$, they were 54$ with a discount) is a miracle. Even better, they fit. All I need now is a coffee and my day is complete - nothing can stop me from finishing my feature and paper. Evasive sources? Impossible deadlines? All history is nihilism? (wtf?!?) Helpless against these boots!

Yeah, I love me the simple stuff: boots & coffee. Heiddegger's at the bottom of the love-list (that paper about history/nihilism/nietszche/etc is being written now, eeeep)

On the bright side, I'm in the middle of making a mix for 8tracks, which is a really really great distraction!