The boom! The shortbread! The pre-Muppets Muppets!

SO I had this title saved as a draft with a photograph that no longer exists. I am super-duper curious about what that photograph was, but it's my own damn fault for not doing anything with this blog for nearly a year. Apologies all around, I promise I've still been reading all sorts of lovely blogs, maybe yours! I just haven't had the confidence (or sometimes the internet) to post, even while dragging my laptop all over Europe and a bit of Africa and to work once or twice at a ranch in the foothills.

Yeah, I just got it back from the shop. They replaced the whole case.

Anyway! Being back in academia, with a lovely range of courses to get my brain going and a boyfriend wonderful enough to do a lot of the cooking and free up a bit of time for me, expect some sort of regular posting to go on here. Seriously, he's making roast chicken and my favourite version of brussel sprouts right now. If I could send anyone who's reading this virtual smells/meals through the screen, I would.