spooky jookie

i love people watching in cafes. My favourite is the couple who just walked by. On her: ill-fitting black eighties windbreaker, 'mom' jeans a black t shirt and an open extra-large white button-up. On him: blue, red and green primary-colours bad eighties windbreaker, sneakers, and baldness. Both had a sniffy look walking by. Neither was particularly fit or well-groomed.  (Which is, admittedly, a snobbish thing to say- but they snubbed my favourite place!) 

They walked on the very edge of the sidewalk, by the busy road, to avoid walking through any of the cafe tables set out in the sun. See below:

them ----->
tables: -O- -O- -O-

tables:   -O- -O- -O-
café: xxxxxxxxxxx

I want to ask them what's so scary about people reading?