raw sugar

In my bed-head; I've got a weird image of crouched half-lady hobbling around on stumpy crutches in a legless sitting position. There's no background, and I have no idea what's prompting this. It could be the article about zombie porn I saw yesterday. Or, it could be the Gilmore Girls season seven binge I went on last night, as the lady has a bob exactly in the shape of Mrs. Kim's. Given her situation, she's probably got the perma-puckered facial expression too, though I cannot see her face. The weirdest thing is that where her legs should begin, there's only a hollow elongation of the torso - like half of a malt ball, cleanly chopped, with all of the malt hollowed out, stretched to join a soft-edged, covered in beige human body.

I rediscovered malt-ball mini eggs today, and ate way too many while reading the news before going to bed.

Er, anyway...
I've decided to write once a day, on whatever. This is mostly because I have no idea what I want this to be, so the next while will be a litmus test of sorts, to see what comes up. The blog will be my journal. A public one, but just a journal. So I'm sorry if my thoughts bother you - stop reading. I'm sure that they're bothering me more anyway.